The Midcounties Co-operative Domains Ltd - ‘the trusted domain name registry service’

We run the worldwide Registry for .COOP on behalf of the founding sponsor (DotCoop LLC) for this Top Level Domain (TLD). Our primary role is to manage the technology which locates a computer on the Internet responsible for hosting the website or email system you’re looking for when you type a web address, or send an email ending in .coop

.COOP is one of the most successful sponsored Top Level Domains (sTLD) and it’s our business to take care of the technology and look after the associated interests of all co-operative organisations who have opted to raise the flag with their own .COOP domain. There are lots of good reasons to influence you along these lines and to check them out you might want to take a look at the history and the logic of why... by visiting DotCoop

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Midcounties Cooperative, one of the largest and most innovative consumer focused cooperatives, with interests that clearly stretch beyond the traditional retail portfolio to embrace this Registry and innovative software developers such as Cooperative Web.

If you’re simply at the stage of thinking about becoming a cooperative and would like to consider your options more widely, then you’ll find a whole host of information about what to do next at Cooperatives UK, where you’ll find an umbrella organisation centred on helping you to become a cooperative and thus a useful friend with valuable advice and guidance once you’ve made it happen.

If you’re an existing cooperative, really hot to trot and need to register your .coop now... but just don’t know where... then take a look at the eligible Registrars table on the sponsor’s site.

ICANN has recently announced exciting new plans to expand the domain name industry, the fastest moving of all global industries; and because we are at the forefront of capabilities for responding to such change, we are both keen to help our sponsor recruit new Registrars and indeed keen to offer our Registry Operator capabilities to the wider community. To this end we are in the process of testing the market to see where our capabilities might help to expand the trusted dimension of the web’s ever expanding potential.

If you have questions you need answering take a look at our FAQs and if you don’t find the answers there just drop us a line at - we can’t promise to have all the answers but we can promise to point you in the right direction.


What is DNS – DNS stands for Domain Name System, and it is a hierarchical database system that enables the translation of a domain name into its corresponding IP address. DNS is the backbone of the Internet and without it simple things, like visiting a website or sending an email, would not be possible.

What is a Top Level Domain (TLD) – It’s the last element in a domain name –i.e. a web or email address- prefixed by a dot, used to locate a web site or to reach someone by email. For example the domain consists of three parts, with .coop being its Top Level Domain.

What is a Second Level Domain (SLD) - It is a domain that comes after the Top Level; in the above example is a Second Level Domain, registered on the .coop TLD.

What is a sTLD – It stands for sponsored Top Level Domain – which basically means that it cannot be registered by anyone, but it is limited for a specific community. If we consider the instance of .COOP - you’ll need to demonstrate your co-operative credentials and conversely, once you’ve acquired one it then becomes an outward sign of those credentials for all your dealings across the web, a kind of web-focused stamp of approval. A sTLD is one of the various categories of Top Level Domains (TLD).

What is a Registry – A Registry is a technology-focused organisation centred on the management and support of the technology needed to run a Top Level Domain (TLD). A Registry cannot provide registrations to end users, and it is therefore something like a wholesaler of domain names.

What is a Registrar – A Registrar is in effect an authorised retailer of domain names; it is a company accredited by both ICANN and TLD Registries to register Second Level Domains on behalf of the end users.

Who is ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers – a non-profit organisation responsible for strategic management and co-ordination of the assignment of top level domain names and their numerical addresses used in communicating across the web.

Where do I buy a domain – from an accredited registrar, in the instance of .COOP you can find one by clicking here.

Where can I find out more about Cooperatives – a good place to start would be the International Co-operative Alliance, or Cooperatives UK -the union of co-operative organisation in the UK.

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